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Welcome to https://www.olivelandshop.com. By visiting our website you accept the terms of use, which follow and you commit that you will use our website and the websites that constitute it, as these terms define. In the event that you do not wish to be bound by the following terms of use, you may not access our website and use our services.

Our company reserves the right to modify and update these terms of use, whenever it deems necessary, while the respective changes take effect from their public appearance on the website https://www.olivelandshop.com.

General terms

The commercial Enterprise under the name GESOURAS GR. CHRISTOS (Tel .: (+30) 210 3218823, Tax Identification Number 132043359, Tax Office of STATHATHINA), which is established and based in Greece, in Athens, Pandrosou, number 79, and is represented legally maintains the e-commerce site https://www.olivelandshop.com intended for the marketing and sale of tourist and folk art items.

Every sale of products through the above website is governed by the present text and the electronic forms filled in by the Customer, which constitute the “Contract” between the Company and the Customer. No other agreement, oral or written, is recognized as defining the relationship of the parties to the purpose of the Convention.

For the conclusion of the Contract, the Customer communicates electronically and accordingly agrees to receive electronic communications from the Company in relation to it. Every electronic declaration of will sent within the framework of the Contract has full probative value and can not be challenged by the Customer for the reason that it was done electronically.

At the conclusion of the Contract the Customer has the obligation to act as required by law, good faith and good morals. In addition, he has the duty of truth for all personal or non-personal information he provides as well as the obligation and responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of his password and account staff.

During the transactions with the Company, the Customer declares that he is eighteen (18) years old and over or, if he is less than eighteen (18) years old but older than thirteen (13), that he is under the supervision of a parent or another exercising parental responsibility, who accepts these terms. Parents or caregivers of a minor who makes use of the Company’s website shall bear the full responsibility arising from this use, including any financial obligations.

The presentation for sale of products and services on the website has the character of an invitation to the Customer to submit a proposal for the submission of orders. For this reason, such a presentation is in no way a commitment of the Company for the availability and adequacy of the displayed products and services or for the immediate execution of the orders except to the extent required by good faith and transactional manners.

Prior to the conclusion of the Contract, the Customer takes certain preliminary steps. Specifically, he registers or logs in as a user of the website, adds the products – services he desires in the shopping cart, fills in the shipping and billing details in the relevant electronic forms and finally confirms the selected order. The submission of a complete order by him, as follows, has the status of a proposal for the preparation of the Contract. At this preliminary stage on the one hand the Company does not bear any contractual or other responsibility or obligation and on the other hand the Customer has no right of any kind.

Upon receipt of the order, the Company processes and, within a reasonable time, accepts it, sending a corresponding e-mail to the Customer. This e-mail is a position of acceptance of the Customer’s proposal and is considered to have been received by him at the time when the latter gains access to it. Upon receipt of the acceptance by the Customer, the Sales Contract is drawn up between the Parties in accordance with these General Terms of Sale.
Within 24 hours from the time he has access to the electronic confirmation of his order, the Customer can inform the Company of the existence of any error due to error in the content of his statement of will.

The essential characteristics of the products for sale are accurately described, both verbally and visually, within the website. The Company is responsible to the Customer exclusively for the real and accurate description and does not bear any responsibility for its completeness. The Customer is solely responsible for the selection of products and for their suitability for the purposes for which he selects them.
The prices listed on the website are the exact selling price of the products and services on a case by case basis, while they do not include the shipping costs, which are specially mentioned during the ordering process.

The Customer chooses between two payment methods. Specifically, it can make electronic payment by cash on delivery or using PayPal.
With the acceptance of the Customer’s proposal, the Contract is completed and the Company has an obligation to deliver the ordered products within ten (10) days. After their delivery to the customer, the latter bears the risk of damage or loss of the ordered products. Delivery time, if any, is estimated approximately without any guarantee for its accuracy. The collection of the due price is performed after the delivery of the respective product or the provision of the respective service

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the Contract without compensation and without justification within 5 working days from the date of receipt of the products he purchased, after notifying the Company of this withdrawal. In case of withdrawal is obliged within the above deadline to return the products in the same condition in which they were received, while it is charged with the cost of their return. The address to which the products must be sent for return is the registered office of the Company. The return of the price to the Customer is completed within 30 days from its valid withdrawal.

To the extent permitted by the applicable law, the Company disclaims any liability for direct or indirect, positive or negative damage, which may arise from the order, transport or use of the products sold. The Company is not responsible for delays in the execution of the Contract attributed to conditions for which it is not at fault or due to force majeure.

The courts of Athens are competent for the resolution of any dispute that arises with you and our Company and the applicable law is the Greek one, but without taking into account the rules of its conflict.

In the event that a part or provision of the present is annulled by a decision of a competent court as illegal, valid and enforceable, this fact will not affect the rest of its provisions, which will remain in force and will be applied.


Both the trademark, the trademark and the other distinctive features as well as the content of the website https://www.olivelandshop.com the software and the way of its structure, are objects of exclusive rights of the Company and are protected according to the Greek, Community and international copyright law.

Otherwise, no part of this website may be registered, reproduced, distributed, leased, broadcast, made public or otherwise accessible to the public without the express and written permission of the Company.

User License and Obligations

Our Company provides you with a limited license to access and use the website, according to which you can use its contents exclusively for personal, non-commercial purposes. Your use of the Website should be governed by the law, good faith and good morals, without prejudice to our copyright or database rights.

No alteration or other interference with the content or software of the website is allowed, as well as any attempt to undermine its technological perfection and functionality. Furthermore, the retrieval, copying and further use of part or all of the content of the website is not allowed.

When you visit the Website or send us an email, you contact us electronically and accordingly you consent to receive electronic communications from us. You also have a duty of truth for all personal or non-personal information you share with us but also the obligation and responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your personal password and account.

Limitation of Liability

The website https://www.olivelandshop.com is provided to its users as is without further guarantees for its functionality, while its use is at your own risk. Although we make every effort, we can not guarantee the accuracy and validity of the information and content of our Website.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, our company disclaims any liability for direct or indirect, positive or negative damage, which may result from the inability to use the website as well as from any errors, interruptions, defects or delays in its operation or the transmission of information via the Internet. In addition, we are not responsible for any damage that may occur from the use of the website and is the result of acts of third parties.


Collection and processing of personal data

When you register at https://www.olivelandshop.com, you will be asked for some personal information, such as: name, surname, country, county, city, phone, e-mail address, etc.

Our company strictly follows the Greek legislation on Personal Data Record Keeping. The information stated in the above cases is not disclosed to third parties and in no way is it made public or exploited in any way. This information is used only to the extent that is deemed absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of the terms and obligations of the individual services provided by our company to its users, as well as informative support of users (newsletter), informing them about new offers of services and products.

Olivelandshop.com stores the data that you declare during the preparation of your order, in order to serve the purpose of completing the process of purchase and shipping of the product you ordered. Https://www.olivelandshop.com undertakes not to use your data for any purpose without your written permission, unless it receives an appropriate order from a competent judicial / public / police authority.

Your data is kept secure and kept confidential for all but the fully authorized https://www.olivelandshop.com staff who need to be contacted for system maintenance or other technical reasons. This staff is bound by a corresponding obligation of confidentiality of the information encountered in the system.

By agreeing to these terms of use, you consent to this transmission for the aforementioned purpose. You have the right to delete, correct or modify your data at any time by contacting [email protected]


For any further information or request you can contact our company as follows:

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