Wooden cup for greek coffee


The Greek coffe It is a coffee which should transport you to a place where life slows down and where the very act of drinking it will be as pleasant as the drink itself. Who knows, it may even be good for you! Aside from the few key ingredients needed to make Greek coffee, the most important element is time and one beautiful cup. Although making the coffee will take only a few minutes, it should take you much longer than that to drink it. Practically speaking, this is because Greek coffee is prepared by boiling the coffee grounds which then settle to the bottom of the demi-tasse cup in which the coffee is served. Drink too quickly and these grounds may accidentally end up in your mouth (gritty and a bit gross). More importantly however, the beauty of Greek coffee comes from the fact that a small amount of coffee can be enjoyed over a long period of time. For some of us, taking a break from our busy and hectic schedules is going to be infinitely more challenging than actually making the coffee. But it will be worth it!

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Handmade cup from olive wood 7 cm height and 7 cm diameter