The Pythagorean Cup 10cm


The Pythagorean cup is a vessel that spills all the drink poured into it once a person gets greedy. And what does that mean? Say you were supposed to pour a liter of water into a cup and no more than that. If you were using the Pythagorean cup, what happens is very interesting. Nothing special happens when you pour just the amount of water required into the cup but if you decide to add just a little bit more, the whole drink spills from the cup and you will be left with nothing. A few words
It is considered an invention of Pythagoras who wanted to teach his students the need to observe moderation in their lives. It is also called the “”cup of Law”” because it expresses the basic principles of law (insult and nemesis). When the measure is exceeded (insult), not only those that have exceeded the limit are lost, but also those that have been acquired so far.

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