olive wooden worry beeds


Excellent wooden worry beed with the natural feel of wood, earthy shades and meticulous finish. Handmade olive tree rosary & metal elements from Silver 925o also made by hand. It consists of 19 large oval beads measuring 14×19 mm from Greek olive wood. Construction Technique: Each wood is collected from the Greek countryside and stored in a shady place with sawdust for about 1 year so that it removes all moisture and dries. Then the cutting of the wood and the processing of each bead into a lathe begins. This is followed by the final finishing of each bead with sandpaper which is repeated in 5 stages and at the end the application is done with natural beeswax.

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The worry beeds offers positive energy, balance and calm to the body and our nervous system. All this positive energy is channeled into our body when we caress the beads. The worry beeds is the ultimate Angiolytic because the repeated caress on the beads and the tassel gives an incredible relaxation while all the senses are awakened in a magical way.They develop our Creative Imagination since it is scientifically accepted that if we repeat the same caress on the beads of natural materials many times in a row, and at the same time focus our thought on one idea, then the right hemisphere of the brain is activated and awakening awakens, and creative imagination. A rosary is the best thing to do to keep our hands busy chasing away embarrassment, irritability and all bad habits like cigarettes. They are used as amulets, as long as they bear symbols of faith and good luck.